Corrective and Maintenance Trimming:

Removal of dead, diseased, or decayed limbs and branches. Thinning, elevating, and crown balancing. Cutting back from structures, other trees, and landscapes. (For most tree varieties, this work can be done year round).


Beautification and Fine Pruning:

Crown shaping, ornamental tree work, large hedge shaping, re-directive pruning to encourage plants to grow in a beneficial direction.


Crown Reduction Pruning:

Sometimes known as "Topping" is only done when there is no other solution to correct the trees problem (ex: hollow or weak main stem or structure, growing into power lines, blocking right-of-way signage or signals, or tops that have died or declined from disease, lightning strikes or storm damage). We only reduce tops by a technique known as "drop catch pruning" which when done properly, can help overcome some of the drawbacks associated with tree topping.


Street Tree Trimming

We do municipal and county Street Tree Trimming to meet the individual needs of the customer. We can tailor a program for your community that will return your Treescape to the splendor of a day gone by.