State Certified and Licensed Commercial Applicators Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Right-of-Way License #820075

Micro and Macro Injection:

We offer these environmentally safe and affective treatments for your trees.  This technique safely introduces fungicides, insecticides, bactericides, nutrients, and other nourishments directly into the vascular system of the tree.  It is only used when the health of the tree is threatened, never as maintenance or to correct aesthetic leaf tissue problems.


Ground and Soil Augmentation:

Liquid deep root feeding and treatment is the way to introduce beneficial inoculants and nutrients to the feeder root zones of  your trees and shrubs causing no injury to there above ground parts.  Our Grow-Gun system is designed to eliminate heavily compacted soils, where air and water cannot get to the feeder root system because years of "traffic" have packed down the soil.  The Grow-Gun, fractures the soil with a blast of high pressure air and introduces nutrient and ceramic particles that keep the air passage ways open.  Un-compacted soils are critical in maintaining vibrant feeder root systems. Conversely, compacted soils are a major contributor to the decline of mature trees. The Air Spade is a major advancement in accessing below ground root system parts.  The Air Spade, makes it possible to remove the soil from around the fibrous feeder roots, causing minimal damage (if any) to them.  Before the Air Spade, there was really no practical way to reveal the feeder root without damage.  We can now cost affectively treat for girdling roots, root rot, and root prune, with a more predictable outcome.


Dormant and Summer Oil Applications:

The ONLY thing we will ever spray (into your sensitive environment) is non-toxic refined horticultural oil.  Used as a preventative, "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure") it can control many destructive insect populations in trees and shrubs without harming  beneficial residents in your landscape (like children, baby birds, squirrels, rabbits, you, etc.).


Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

We practice IPM, which is how we identify and control problems in your landscape.  IPM identifies and isolates specific problems and treats them directly (once it is shown that the  health of the plant(s) are at risk if no action is taken).